Statistics for Management and Economics

Gerald Keller Wilfrid Laurier University

Statistics for Management and Economics

STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS, Tenth Edition, emphasizes applications over calculation. It illustrates how vital statistical methods and tools are for today’s managers--and teaches you how to apply them to real business problems. Using a proven three-step "ICI" approach to problem solving, the text teaches you how to IDENTIFY the correct statistical technique by focusing on the problem objective and data type; how to COMPUTE the statistics doing them by hand, using Excel®, or using MINITAB; and how to INTERPRET results in the context of the problem. This unique approach enhances your comprehension and practical skills. The text’s vast assortment of data-driven examples, exercises, and cases covers the various functional areas of business, demonstrating the statistical applications that marketing managers, financial analysts, accountants, economists, and others use. These comprehensive applications give you hands-on practice, while solid pedagogical elements make the material more accessible and easy to apply to your world. Completely up-to-date, the tenth edition offers comprehensive coverage, current examples, and Excel® 2013 and MINITAB 16 content.

Features and Benefits

Aplia™ for introductory Business Statistics is available for this text, giving students an easy way to stay on top of coursework with regularly scheduled assignments.

Emphasis on identification and interpretation provides students with practical skills that they can apply to real-world problems, whether the course uses manual or computer calculations.

Students have the opportunity to convert real data into information, and the optional use of the computer allows for larger and more realistic exercises and examples.

With a substantial number of data files and corresponding problems that ask students to interpret statistical results, students are provided ample opportunities to practice data analysis and decision making.

Instructors can use the data sets for hundreds of additional examples and exercises.

Students can use the "Do-It-Yourself Excel" subsections that teach them how to compute confidence interval estimators and hypothesis tests on their own.

What's New

This edition has been updated to reflect new screenshots and techniques in Excel® 2013.

MINITAB® 16 coverage has been updated throughout the text, featuring new screenshots and features.

End-of-chapter exercises have been updated throughout the text to provide multiple assignment options for instructors and new learning opportunities for students.

Figure and data tables have been updated throughout the text.

STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS offers an enhanced and interactive eBook, MindTap™ Reader, for students.

Now supporting ALL versions of Microsoft Excel on PC or Mac!